Blagdon Hill Garden

A totally new garden within a village with glorious rural views

This was a new build house and a complete garden design. The brief was to create different areas of interest and different sitting areas which followed the sun around the garden. The client wanted paths so she could walk around the garden all year.

This gave us an opportunity to create different planting areas...a dry gravel garden with a pond, large herbaceous borders, a shrubbery and a large area of tree planting in the paddock. The materials were sourced locally to reflect the surrounding countryside.


Planning required a ‘bund’ was built around the whole garden and to make this manageable we built retaining walls around the garden, using different materials as you walked around the garden. Steps were built into the wall to lead you up onto the bund to enjoy the glorious views.  The banks were seeded with poppies and daisies.

View of evening sitting area, steps onto bund and views, View of evening curved sitting area for evening parties and bespoke corten steel water feature. Very sheltered with warm evening sun.

Blagdon Hill

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